Best Foundry Awards

Concurrent with ALUCAST 2018- International Conference and Exhibition on Aluminium Die Casting Technology, the Aluminium Casters’ Association of India(ALUCAST), is pleased to announce institution of Awards for foundries in the following categories :

  • Best Foundry – one each in Large/Medium/Small Scale Units.
  • Best Casting – 1 award common to all three categories.

Aluminium die casting foundries may submit their nominations to the Alucast Foundry Awards Committee on or before 31 October 2018. The documents required to be enclosed along with the nomination form are listed below.

(Note: For the purposes of these awards the definition of Small, Medium and Large scale Industry shall be as follows:

  • SMALL Industry: Aluminium Foundry with Annual Turnover < Rs. 25Cr
  • MEDIUM Industry: Aluminium Foundry with Annual Turnover > Rs.25Cr < Rs.100Cr
  • LARGE Industry: Any Aluminium Foundry with Annual Turnover > Rs.100Cr

The Contest is open for only Indian Industries with ALUCAST Membership valid as on 31 Oct. 2018.

Contact for any additional information:

Mr.Niranjan V. Toraskar
Email :
Mobile : 9823042264

Email :
Mobile : 8550993336

Best Foundry Awards 2016:

Winner of Large Scale Foundry Award

Winner of Medium Scale Foundry Award

Winner of Small Scale Foundry Award

Winner of Special Mention Foundry Award

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